• Stripping Copper WireIs It Worth? Greener Recycling

    250mcm-750mcm wire has 90% copper recovery, so let’s use same 100 lbs. if you were to sell it the way it is in today’s market you would get average $1.50 per pound so it would get you $150.00 without doing a thing to it, just bring it to a recycling yard and sell it. If you chose to strip it, you will end up with 90 pounds of copper don’t

  • Recycling Equipment IncProviding recycling solutions

    Our technicians are still traveling by vehicle to perform on-site service calls, preventive maintenance and installations. And of course, our REI Sales Engineers and the rest of the team are still hard at work to help you with all your recycling equipment and system needs.

  • Affordable Metal Recycling Machines by Top Manufacturer

    AMS400 Scrap Copper Cable Granulator is a kind of copper wire recycling machine. It is an all-in-one unit which combines many functions in one machine,

  • PCB Recycling Machine, E Waste Circuit Board Recycling

    E waste PCB circuit board recycling machine is used to recycle all kinds of Printed Circuit boards, such as the computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate, and other appliances, and the separation of leftover material of the mixed metal and nonmetal materials.

  • Metal Recycling Cash Scrap Metal Recycling Valley

    Metal Recycling Helps The Earth The most common metals to consider when discussing recycling are aluminum (Al) and steel. Some other metals–like Au, Ag, brass, and Cu–are so valuable that they are rarely thrown away. Valley RecyclingScrap Metal About Valley Recycling . . . Valley Recycling, Inc is the premier recycling company

  • C&D Scrap Metal

    At C & D Scrap Metal Recyclers, our goal is to provide quality service through responsible handling, processing and shipping of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. We have specialized in sales and service of scrap metal in the Greater Houston area since 1979 while operating in a safe, ecologically responsible manner.

  • Chino Scrap Metal Recycling Center Star Scrap Metal

    Jun 09, 2014 · Posted on June 09, 2014 by Star Scrap in Cities Served, Star Scrap Metal. Since 1947 Star Scrap has aimed to provide businesses and communities near Chino with the best possible recycling services. Our reputation for the best service and top prices paid for excess metal is known throughout California. We deal with ferrous and non ferrous metals.

  • Which method is the most practical way to remove precious

    The PCB recycling machine is totally physical process and dry separation, so if you only want to get the metals out, then set up this is ok. If you want to remove precious metals from circuit boards, PCB recycling machine is the most practical way to recycle it.

  • Amisy Metal Recycling Machines-Copper Wire Granulator

    Amisy metal recycling machines — will be the pride and profit for your business! At affordable price, you will soon make remarkable profits from your plastic and wire recyclables. Our machines are easy to operate and safe to work at your yard for a long time.

  • DeHart Recycling EquipmentRecycling Equipment

    Recycling Equipment. Scrap Equipment. We carry a full line of recycling and scrap processing equipment for handling ferrous and non-ferrous metal, paper, cans, glass solid waste and other materials. We provide shears, choppers, crushers, compactors, pulverizers, dumpers and other equipment to serve your material handling needs.

  • Manufacturing & Supplier of copper wire recycling machine

    Manufacturer of scrap copper wire, printed circuit board, medical blister, radiator separator specialized in recycling waste cable wire, PCB, copper aluminum radiator to copper and plastics, metals and resin power or copper and aluminum.

  • Metal Recycling Recycle Scrap Metal Indianapolis Indiana

    Call 24/7. . . Now hiring for flatbed drivers, heavy duty recovery operators and dispatchers. Apply at our 1300 N. Mickley Office in Indianapolis. Metal Recycling. Indianapolis, Indiana. Zore’s Inc. knows that recycling metal can help make Indianapolis a safer and more comfortable place to live. That is why our

  • Metal Recycling Machine Manufacturer, Expert in Metal

    Radiator Copper-Aluminum Recycling Plant. The production line is specially designed for crushing a wide range of waste radiators (scrap air conditioning radiator, car radiator). This recycling line can quickly and effectively sort the copper, iron and aluminium. Has an

  • Scrap Recycling CenterCollinsville, IL, St. Louis

    Recycling With Power. Collinsville's Full Service Recycling Facility. Power Recycling is a locally owned, full service scrap metal & electronics recycling facility, located across from the Fairmount race track. We accept all kinds of ferrous & non-ferrous materials. Whole Cars, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Brass, Insulated Wire & much more.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore MD-Metal Recyclers LLC

    Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore Maryland-20 Years Experience Insuring You competitive Pricing & Unbeatable Service. Call Now-Get The Best Price

  • Scrap / Demolition / RecyclingGENSCO EQUIPMENT

    cable wire recycling machines & metal processing systems GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MATERIALHIGH QUALITY OUTPUT FOR MAXIMUM RETURN ON YOUR SCRAP. Having sold more compact granulators and separators in North America than any other supplier, Gensco has become the source for efficiently processing electronic and industrial wire and cable.

  • Hydraulic Scrap Metal Copper Wire Baler for Recycling

    1. Application and Features For Hydraulic Scrap Metal Copper Wire Baler for Recycling. Hydraulic Scrap Metal Copper Wire Baler for Recycling is capable of extruding various metal leftover,steel paring,waste copper,aluminum,stainless steel and scrapped car into regular charging as square, column,cylinder etc. different shapes.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Tools & Equipment Recycling

    Automatically strip wires with a stripping machine. Remove plastic and rubber insulation from copper wires. A scrap wiring tool is an essential tool for scrap metal recycling, especially for copper recycling. We recommend using a wire stripping machine with multiple channels for

  • PCB Dismantling Machine, Metal/Plastic Recycling Machine

    PCB / Electronic Component Dismantling Machine. Recycling Machines. COPWH571. The equipment consists of removing tin furnace, automatic dismantling and dust extraction, delivery platform, electronic parts, adopting fully automated circuit board disassembly machine, it is an ideal machine for dismantling PCB / electronic components.

  • CT Scrap Metal Recycling Essex, CT Calamari Recycling Co

    We also buy everything from stainless steel, to copper, to brass, steel, and aluminum. When it comes to recycling centers in Connecticut, we are the smart choice. If you’d like to find out more about our recycling services, please be sure to give us a call today. You can reach us at 860.442.5794.

  • LFaize Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper, Wire Stripper for

    Happybuy Manual Wire Stripping Machine 0.06-0.98 inches, Wire Stripper Machine with Hand Crank Portable, Wire Stripping Tool Aluminum Construction,for Scrap Copper Recycling StripMeister Original Drill Powered Automatic Wire Stripper Machine for Stripping Scrap Copper Wire From #18 Gauge to 250MCM Including Romex Includes Ultra Long Lasting

  • What We RecycleBracken Recycling

    Non-ferrous materials we purchase for recycling. Scrap aluminum, brass, copper and more. Non-ferrous metals are those other than iron and alloys that do not contain an appreciable amount of iron. These items are non-magnetic. Stainless steel is often classified as both a ferrous and non-ferrous metal because it contains iron but is not magnetic

  • Full range recycling machinery STOKKERMILL

    Cables recycling, wire cable granulator, electric motor recycling, cables peelers, single-shaft, twin shaft and four shaft shredders, hammer mill shredder, recycling lines, PCB and RAEE recycling, separation and filtration systems, densimetric tables, vibrating screens, conveyor belts, dosers, presses.

  • Scrap Metal RecyclingUniversal Service Recycling

    Universal Service Recycling is the largest privately held metal recycler currently serving the Carson City, NV area. This makes Universal Service Recycling a leading purchaser of scrap metal including Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and Steel.. We purchase cans and plastic bottles for cash as well as industrial scrap metals from businesses.

  • Los Angels Recycling CenterTM Scrap Metals(818)

    Scrap Metal Recyling. Top scrap metal prices for copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum wires, aluminum cans, plastic & glass bottles, and more. Our goal is to reduce waste and make the world greener. We believe in being environmental friendly, and try to take steps towards an eco-friendly world. Making the right metal recycling decisions now

  • Full Circle Recycling Metal Recycling RI MA CT

    Jul 02, 2021 · Full Circle Recycling is a full service recycling company dedicating its focus to Metal Recycling, and Paper, Plastics, Automobile, and Electronics Recycling. Full Circle operates an integrated Metal Recycling processing facility, which features the continuous implementation of technological upgrades and efficiencies, assuring the highest value

  • Irvine Scrap Metal Recycling Center Star Scrap Metal

    Apr 26, 2014 · Posted on April 26, 2014 by Star Scrap in Cities Served, Star Scrap Metal. Since 1947 Star Scrap has aimed to provide businesses and communities near Irvine with the best possible recycling services. Our reputation for the best service and top prices paid for excess metal is known throughout California. We deal with ferrous and non ferrous metals.

  • Home Gardner Metal Recycling

    Metal Recycling Container Drop-off. We offer a variety of containers to collect your scrap metals at your manufacturing plant, utility yard or jobsite. When you’re ready, we’ll pick it up, replace the container and pay you for your metals.

  • YouTube link BSGH scrap metal recycling machine

    BS-N125 copper wire granulator recycling machine can completely separate copper and plastic from waste cables after crushing with capacity 500kg per hour. BS-N125 wire chopper machine has a high separating rate reaching up to 99.9% and only needs one time feeding, multiple parts cooperate to complete the whole scrap cables recycling process

  • China Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine, Cable

    Cable Recycling Machine. Cable Granulator Copper Wire Recycling Machine is a kind of machinery used for recycling waste & scrap copper wire and cables to get copper and plastic particles.WANROOE waste wire and cable recycling processing line has strong applicability and can be used for mixed wires with various diameters and complex materials.

  • Action Metals RecyclersDallas, TX

    General Inquiries. Phone . Fax . Email [email protected] 3514 Botham Jean Blvd. Dallas, TX 75215. Our easily accessible facility is located just south of downtown Dallas.

  • R.S. DavisMetal Recycling In Portland Oregon

    Recycling metal is more than just earth friendly–it can be very profitable, too. R.S. Davis Recycling specializes in scrap metal recycling, serving businesses and homeowners throughout Oregon and Washington from three convenient locations two in the Portland metro and a third in Hermiston, Oregon.. We buy steel, aluminum, copper, stainless, brass, tin and more.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me Cash for Copper Steel

    Where To Recycle Metal Locally. One of the most valuable things to recycle is metal. There are many different kinds of metal. Knowing which ones are recyclable and where to take them can pay off literally and figuratively.. Everyone knows how important it is to recycle and reuse items. Plastics, newspapers, and glass are freely given to recycling centers. . Many municipalities send special

  • Wire stripping machine the easiest way to strip scrap wire

    Oct 22, 2019 · Technology Level Industrial High tech Scrapper Likely Results Pure Copper and you can process wire which won’t fit into a mechanical stripping machine Scrap copper value #1 Copper Chop Scrap copper quantity HighSuper Jackpot. A granulator will allow entrepreneurial scrapers to process, communication cable, car wiring harnesses, telephone cable, Ethernet cable, electrical house wire

  • How To Separate Your Copper Scrap for Recycling

    Jun 13, 2021 · Scrap Copper Recycling Facts . The US produces about 8% of the world’s total copper supply. During the copper recycling process, it saves between 85-90% of energy resources as opposed to mining the earth for new copper ore. The Worldwide supply of copper is about 8.1 trillion pounds, but we have only mined about 13.6% (1.1 trillion pounds) throughout history.

  • How to Start the Scrap Metal Recycling Business

    When you deal with scrap copper cables, a wire stripping machine can relieve you from the labor of mass stripping. You may also be interested in a copper cable granulator that can make the cable into copper granules and plastic granules separately. Those copper granules can be sold to remelters, refineries, etc. 6. Decide your source of metal

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