• Best Automatic Wire Stripping Machine to buy in 2021

    Feb 23, 2021 · 1. Manual wire stripper tool. Generally, there are two kinds of copper wire stripper machines available. One is the handheld wire stripper, also known as manual copper wire strippers. The other one is the automatic copper wire strippers. The manual scrap wire strippers are just like a pair of scissors with a row of different gauge notches.

  • Wire Stripper, Cable Stripper, Wire Cutter, Tubing Cutter

    Wire Stripping and Cutting Machines. Carpenter offers a complete line of Wire and Jacket Stripping and Cutting machines for Coaxial Cable, Hookup Wire, Multi-Conductor Cable, Ribbon Cable and Magnet Wire. Our quality Cable Strippers and Wire & Tubing Cutters ensure fast accurate processing on a broad range of materials.

  • AMTI ProductsWire & Tube Cutters and Conveyor Tunnel Ovens

    The AMTI SHRINK® is a turbulent airflow convection style conveyor oven that can be easily moved into the production cell to increase manufacturing velocities and limit process variation. Temperature settings range from 100 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit with conveyor speed setting from 1 inch to 100 inches per minute. Fully programmable and

  • Wire processing with wire machines from KomaxThe way to

    These wire processing machines can be combined with the broad range of accessories to create total solutions from a single source. All wire machines are highly flexible and quick to change over. Thanks to the standard networkable user software, you can also make full use of existing expertise.

  • Nitronic AGTenborg Technologies LLC

    The ST730T not only meets, but exceeds many requirements for a truly flexible wire processing machine. Not only is the stripping of coaxial cable or triaxial cable a breeze, but now the ability to switch over to Micro-coax mode is a first! This is the only machine on the market that allows you to process such a wide range of coaxial cables.

  • Stripping machines for processing wire and cable Schleuniger

    Absolute precision, high cost effectiveness, and a very short return on investment are the main characteristics of this machine. The compact and slender design allows for several units to be used on one workstation and has proven most efficient particularly when processing wire

  • Cutting machines for processing wire, cable, tubing and

    High-performance automatic cutting machine for processing cable & tubes up to 10 mm (0.39") / 12.7 mm (0.5") OD. EcoCut 3200 High-performance automatic cutting machine for processing wire, cable, and other materials up to 12 mm (0.47'') O.D..

  • AM-2

    The Artos AM-Series Pneumatic Wire Striping machines are ideal for your larger wire and cable stripping applications. These bench units allow the operator to manually insert a blunt cut wire, and trigger the stripping of this wire through a pneumatic foot switch. Applications for the AM-Series machines include battery cables, larger power

  • TRI-TECH Machine Sales, Ltd.

    Products shown (back) KIP-20 Hot Stamp Wire Printer, (left and right) Komax® Kappa 320 and 350 Cut and Strip Machines, (front) Tugger 1 Heavy Duty Prefeeder. As your needs change and technology advances, you can look to TRI-TECH Machine Sales, Ltd. services to keep pace with them! You can count on us for expert service and advice, competitive

  • The Wire Harness Manufacturing Process Step by Step

    Jun 29, 2018 · Wire harness manufacturing is a process. Design and assembly from the drawing board to finished wire harness requires step by step planning and a good amount of manual production. Each wire harness has a specific purpose to integrate into a larger electronic network, which, in the modern world, truly does make wire harnesses indispensable.

  • Z F USA, Inc. » Z F Wire Processing Machines

    Z F wire processing equipment can be found in different markets and applications from industrial, automotive, energy, medical, military and many more. Consider the following examples our stripping machines from the AI Series have been hugely successful

  • HomeSchäfer Werkzeug- und Sondermaschinenbau

    Schäfer WireStar. Schäfer offers innovative software for the operation and networking of machines in the sense of a Smart Factory in wire and terminal processing. Digital solutions for audiovisual support and data service in various operating situations as well as for the monitoring of machine parks open up new possibilities on the way to

  • Mecal Wire Processing Equipment

    Mecal wire processing equipmentapplicators and crimping presses. of 135.8mm ± 0.02, and can be used in both manual (for bench-top press) and automatic (for cut and strip machine) configuration. The SC19 is able to strip wires up to 2.5mm² of section and the machine is driven automatically, by a sensor mounted on board, or with the

  • Cut & StripWIREPRO Automation Technology

    Cut & StripWIREPRO Automation Technology. WIRPEO Automation provides Semi-automatic and Full-automatic stripping machines for One core cable, Multi-cores cable, Coax cable and other cables. If you need to quickly check the Machine Features & Differences (including prices), please click here.

  • Ushiyama Denki offers machines and components for Wiring

    C377A Wire processing machine KODERA Electronics Co.,Ltd. C551HXA Automatic wire crimping machine KODERA Electronics Co.,Ltd. C550HX Automatic crimp and soldering machine KODERA Electronics Co.,Ltd. OP-7 Automatic winding wire supply KODERA Electronics Co.,Ltd. CPD-06 Automatic bobbin wire feeding machine Komax Japan K.K.(MCM COSMIC) 32M


    No wire processing machine accessories are required for the AMP CLS II and CLS III. CA9 APPLICATOR CA9 APPLICATOR PA23998A01_07 Page 6 of 30 3-2011

  • Top 10 Wire Stripping Machines of 2021 Video Review

    Feb 12, 2021 · Scrap collectors and career electricians should consider a stationary stripping machine, which comes in both manual and electric styles. While they're a bit more complex than the smaller types, they're exceptionally easy to use, with some models able to automatically process dozens of feet of wire per minute. The right choice depends on the

  • Gamma 333 PC/PC-B Crimping machineKomaxPDF Catalogs

    Gamma 333 PC-B The wire drive is compelling in its gentle transmission of major forces onto the wires being processed. This feature is also advantageous in the processing of halogen-free conductors. The piece output for long conductors is noticeably increased. Of course, the PC-B also features an AC servomotor as a wire drive plus an integrated

  • Zoller FröhlichWire Processing Machines

    Terminals. Tools. Switch cabinets. In 1983, exactly 20 years after the foundation of Z F, the age of machines for cable processing began. These machines have evolved into the most advanced and efficient machines we know today. Z F strives to continuously improve this technology with continual support and feedback from clients and is renowned

  • Wire and cable processing accessories Schleuniger

    Wire and cable processing accessories for prefeeding, marking, labeling, twisting, stacking, and coiling. Turn your automatic cutting or cut & strip machine into a fully automatic processing system with accessories for prefeeding, wire marking, inkjet printing, labeling, wire stacking, cable coiling and tying.

  • wire processing machine,wire processing equipment,Wire

    XIAMEN JINGWEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a Leading Manufacturer of wire processing machine,wire processing equipment,Wire harness processing equipment,cable reeling machine,wire coiling machine manufacturers,automatic cable coiler,automatic wire coiling machine,automatic wire winding machine,wire rope winding machine,automatic cable winding machine,wire tying machine,binding wire tying machine

  • PrefeedersMechtrix

    The MPF-33-LCS Wire Prefeeding System is designed for de-reeling large wire or cable up to 1″ (25.4mm) in diameter. The MPF-33-LCS removes the wire or cable from a rack system or external reel stand and makes it immediately available to the wire processing machine. The MPF-33-LCS features a combination pneumatic wire dampening and draw source tensioning system, so only a single setting

  • Copper Stripping Machine China Manufacturers & Suppliers

    Anti Twist Wire Rope. Engine Powered Winch. Hydraulic Crimping Tools. Stringing Pulley. Cable Roller. Lifting Pulley. Come Along Clamp. Swivel Joints. Gin Pole. Cable Conveyors. Tightening Tools. Lifting Hooks. Cable Pulling Socks. Head Boards. Spacer Bike. Bas-Bar Processing Tools

  • Artos EngineeringThe first name in wire processing

    Artos Engineering, a leading name in the wire processing world, provides advanced, labor-saving machines that help our customers gain a competitive edge.

  • BLUEROCK MWS-808PMO Motorized Copper Wire Stripping Machine

    STRiPiNATOR® Model MWS-808 Manual Wire Stripping Machine US PATENT #USB2$299.00. Options. Quick view BLUEROCK TOOLS. BLUEROCK Model 945 Wire Stripping Machine Copper Recycler Stripper STRiPiNATOR ® Scrap Wire Stripping Machine

  • CaymanWire Processing Software

    Cayman is a wire processing software program to control the PowerStrip, CompactStrip, OmniStrip and the MegaStrip automatic wire and cable cut & strip machines via your PC. This software offers unlimited wire list storage capacity while providing unparalleled

  • The first name in wire processing CrEMS Partners

    verified by Artos to assure processing capabilities. WIRE LENGTH Min. 0.83 in 21 mm (plus lead and tail strip lengths. Min. wire length may also be limited by crimping tooling design). Max. 3939 in 100 M STRIPPING LENGTHS Min. 0.004 in 0.1 mm Max. 1.26 in 32 mm Cr.22 WIRE PROCESSING MACHINE LOOK AT ALL THE Cr.22 HAS TO OFFER

  • Metal Wire Drawing Machine and Solution Wanyi

    Wanyi is an expert metal wire drawing and processing equipment manufacturer with 17 years' experience. We are competent in designing machineries different in volume, capacity, and fuel for producing metal wires of varied materials and specifications. Whether you are looking for drawing solutions for welding wire, copper wire, carbon wire, or

  • Wire Crimping Machines Benchtop TE Connectivity

    Our extensive line of bench-top wire crimping machines provide flexibility, performance, and reliability for low to medium volume wire processing. The Model G II features the most advanced design in the long-standing series of AMP-O-LECTRIC machines for terminating wire using reeled terminals.

  • Automatic Wire Strippers and Wire Stripping MachinesThe

    A wire stripper generally refers to a portable hand-held device while a wire stripping machine is an industrial version used for heavy duty casing removal. Both wire strippers and wire stripping machines are available in automatic and manual types. Additionally, different types of wire

  • Wire Stripping Machines for sale eBay

    A manual copper wire stripping machine is useful for small-scale jobs where you only need to strip the insulation off the tips of the wire to make an electrical connection or where you are only stripping a small amount of insulation off the wire. These devices typically use a hand-crank to force the wire through the blades used to cut the

  • Mechtrix

    Mechtrix manufactures standard OEM replacement cutting and stripping blades for many popular wire processing machine brands such as Artos, Komax, Schleuniger, and many more. In addition to standard blades, Mechtrix specializes in the design and manufacture of custom, unique, and patented blade designs to meet your specific wire processing requirements.

  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Crimping Equipments

    A wire processing machine is an integral part of any crimping machine. A crimping machine has a lot of wires in its configuration. To make a perfect crimp, we need to cut and process those wires. Applicators. The crimp applicators are the heart of crimping process. The job done by the applicator is to fold and press the conductor wires into the

  • Wire handling, preliminary processing of wires

    Wire handlingfast and gentle. At Komax, the gentle, quick and high-quality preliminary processing of wires is a top priority. From dereelers of various capacities to deposit systems, coilers and binders Komax’ large selection of integrable systems enables you to complement your wire processing machines as needed.

  • Wire Processing Products & Accessories Eubanks Engineering

    Mar 07, 2018 · Eubanks Engineering Co. has designed and manufactured wire processing equipment and tooling in Southern California for more than 60 years. Since we manufacture our own precision wire stripping blades, our machines are able to provide high-quality stripping of almost any type of wire.

  • Wire, Cable & Tube Cutters, Strippers & Twisters Eraser

    Eraser manufactures machines to process cable, tubing, wire and has served thousands of customers around the world. Our tools are made in the USA, and we’ve been in business for more than 100 years. Eraser offers a complete line of wire, cable and tube processing tools including Wire Strippers, Cable Strippers, Wire Cutters, Cable Cutters

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