• Greentec a quarter century in electronics recovery

    Mar 20, 2020 · March 20, 2020. Tony Perrotta founded Greentec in 1995, starting with recycling ink and toner cartridges. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Greentec is a specialist in IT equipment recovery, confidential data destruction and e-waste recycling, serving businesses in Ontario and across Canada. In 2020 the company is celebrating its 25th year in business.

  • What Can We Do About the Growing E-waste Problem?

    Aug 27, 2018 · The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says, “One metric ton of circuit boards can contain 40 to 800 times the amount of gold and 30 to 40 times the amount of copper mined from one metric ton of ore in the United States.” These precious materials can be reclaimed through recycling.

  • What’s Going On with Electronic Waste?Electronics

    May 28, 2015 · “The government should not be relying on the people working for the recyclers and waste management to act as their canary in the mine shaft.” The Recycling Challenge. According to the EPA, only 15% to 20% of e-waste, in general, gets recycled. Part of the problem is that recycling electronics can be difficult.

  • How E-waste Works HowStuffWorks

    How E-waste Works. London's WEEE Man represents how much e-waste the average U.K. resident produces in a lifetime. The structure weighs 3.3 tons and stands 7 meters(23 feet) tall. ­Think back ­for a minute at the procession of computers, TV s, cell phones, radios, game consoles and music players that have passed through your hands over the years.

  • Recycle for Money Cash in on These 7 Everyday Items

    May 14, 2021 · The company accepts working or broken phones, tablets, rechargeable batteries, circuit boards and a variety of other electronics. Even if an item is broken or was submerged in water and is unusable, Eco-Cell will accept it in order to divert electronics from landfills and properly dispose of their toxic components and metals.

  • The Processes of Circuit Board RecyclingBusch Systems

    Nov 13, 2017 · With all the precious metals that are hidden within circuit boards people aren’t always taking the safest approach to removing them. A good example of this are places like China and Africa. In both countries children and families work, with no safety equipment, to remove the lead, gold, copper and other metals from the e-waste that builds up

  • What Is Wrong? The Problems Facing Recycling

    Dec 01, 2018 · 1. Everything that can be recycled should be recycled. So that should be the goal of regulation zero waste. 2. If recycling made economic sense, the market system would take care of it. So no regulation is necessary, and in fact, state action is harmful. Munger observes that if either argument were true, the debate would be finished.

  • Computer ScrapReclaim, Recycle, and Sell your Precious

    Computer Scrap. We make it fast and easy to recycle your company’s computer scrapin fact, you’ll be paid upon completion of processing, usually within 25 to 35 business days from the day we receive your computer scrap. Even though we customize every transaction to meet the specific needs of your company, here are our standard terms for

  • PCB RecyclingDisposal of Scrap printed circuit boards

    Home > PCB Recycling. Scrap PCB disposal & recycling services. We recycle all kinds of Printed circuit boards, also known as PCB, we recycle both populated and non populated PCB's. Your company's old / non working / un-repairable or discarded PCB's contains heavy metals and may contain precious metals such as gold, palladium, silver, copper and different hazardous materials, these shall

  • How to Recycle Your Old Computer Digital Trends

    Mar 26, 2021 · Recycling centers and local recycling days If you just want to throw away your old electronics, make sure you send them to an official recycling center that will properly dispose of them.

  • The EU may make recycling e-waste a legal requirement

    May 10, 2021 · Even if these challenges in e-waste collection could be overcome, another limiting factor to a recycling scheme would be technology. Recovery technologies are well-established for some materials, such as palladium from printed circuit boards and cobalt from lithium-ion batteries. But for many others, the report says further investment in

  • PC Recycle Puget Sound's premier electronics recycler

    PC Recycle & Repair is OPEN and DOING BUSINESS! Open all summer M-F 8am-4pm except Memorial Day May 31st and Labor Day Sept 6th. We will be open Monday July 5th. Fees. Home Pick-up. Electronics recycling. Pick-up from your front door or open garage. For a small fee, we will pick up your used electronics and dispose of them safely.

  • The Ups and Downs of Gold RecyclingBCG

    Mar 05, 2015 · In 2010, printed circuit boards and mobile phones contained 200 to 350 grams of gold per metric ton 10 Notes 10 M. Grehl and U. Sehrt, eds., Precious Materials Handbook, Umicore, 2012. 6 Notes 6 M. Grehl and U. Sehrt, eds., Precious Materials Handbook, Umicore, 2012., creating a rich “urban mine” of end-of-life products.

  • Las Vegas Electronics Recycling

    Las Vegas Office. 1816 Industrial Road #4. Las Vegas, NV 89102. . Email Website. Drop-off's are accepted. MonFri 8 30am4 30pm. and Sat by appointment only.

  • Recycling at Officeworks Pen, Cartridge & E-Waste Recycling

    That’s why we’re giving our customers’ old technology and stationery new life, with our free, easy and secure Officeworks recycling programs. So, don’t bin it, bring it back to Officeworks! Find out what items your local Officeworks store accepts for e-waste recycling, printer cartridge recycling, battery recycling, pen recycling and more.

  • Recycling What Goes Where Garbage Waste Management

    Jul 02, 2021 · Materials Recycling Facility. 20 Horseshoe Lake Drive, Bayer's Lake Park, Halifax. Monday to Friday, 7 30 a.m. to 6 00 p.m. Please call 311 for holiday hours, or visit the Waste Facility holiday hours page. There is a $30 per tonne ($3.00 per 100kg) fee for drop-off. Loads weighing under 50 kg are no charge.

  • The EU may make recycling e-waste a legal requirement

    May 10, 2021 · By Layal Liverpool. E-waste is a growing issue. Bill Hinton/Getty Images. Countries in the European Union should be legally required to recycle critical metals in electronic waste, a

  • Recycling Circuit Boards for Fun and Profit Canada Free

    Recycling Circuit Boards for Fun and Profit. Jim is an affiliate with the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada and his careers have included journalist, technology retailer, video

  • Top 10 Ideas To Do With Your Old Laptop (2021 Update)

    Sep 15, 2020 · 10. Recycling or Upgrading. If your laptop is very old and is struggling to run even some of the lightest operating systemsupgrading it has always been a possibility. What’s great about old laptops is their build style which allows users to access the components, make changes, repairs, and even replace or upgrade everything all together.

  • PCB Recycling Machine, E Waste Circuit Board Recycling

    E Waste PCB Circuit Board Recycling Machine is used to recycle all kinds of Printed Circuit boards, such as the computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate, and other appliances, and the separation of leftover material of the mixed metal and nonmetal materials.

  • Contact Global Electronic Recycling Phoenix E-Waste

    contact Global Electronic Recycling. Questions about electronic recycling solutions for your business? We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to safely and responsibly recycle, refurbish, or resell your electronics. Global Electronic Recycling. 325 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd Suite 100. Phoenix, AZ 85024. . [email protected]

  • Home Electronics Recycling Phoenix Computer Recycling

    Global Electronic Recycling is an organization whose flexibility and responsiveness allow them to address even the most complex resale, asset recovery, or recycling needs. Their professional team is dedicated to continuous improvement. We have been working together since early 2008 and have built a solid partnership.

  • Amazon Help Recycling Your Amazon Device

    Information on recycling electronics in California can be found on CalRecycle’s eRecycle page in both English and Spanish. Additional Information You can find Customer Service contact information and other applicable terms and device information (including how to recycle your device in additional countries) at https //amazon

  • Recycle your old laptops, phones, cameras and batteries

    Apr 22, 2021 · Recycle your old laptops, phones, cameras and batteries for free. Here's how. On Earth Day, don't throw away your old electronics even if you've upgraded to new devices.

  • Scrap Circuit Boards for sale eBay

    7.5 oz Vintage IBM Circuit Board 5" x 7" for Scrap Gold Recovery. $35.00. 7 bids. $7.00 shipping. Ending Jun 1 at 1 50PM PDT. 4d 11h.

  • Best places to sell your used electronics for 2021CNET

    Best places to sell your used electronics for 2021. Do you have old gadgets collecting dust in a junk drawer? Turn them into extra cash without any hassles.

  • Toxic 'e-waste' dumped in poor nations, says United

    Dec 14, 2013 · 385. 385. Millions of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, toys, digital cameras and other electronic devices bought this Christmas are destined to create a

  • Banggood Global Leading Online Shop for Gadgets and Fashion

    Banggood Global Leading Online Shop. Buy 3d printer, rc toys, cell phones, home appliances, tv box, home&garden, apparel with great prices on banggood

  • Best Buy Electronics and Appliances Recycling FAQ

    Best Buy accepts most electronics and large appliances, with a few exceptions. See the Electronics and Appliances Recycling main page for more information on recycling restrictions for specific products in your state. Best Buy does not accept any product subject to a CPSC recall through the company's voluntary in-store or online recycling programs.

  • Circuit Boards — Reclaim, Recycle, and Sell your Precious

    Questions? Call us at . How To Recycle Your Circuit Boards. We make it fast and easy to recycle your company’s circuit boardsin fact, you’ll be paid upon completion of processing, usually within 25 to 35 business days from the day we receive your circuit board scrap.

  • E-waste mining could be big businessand good for the

    Jul 05, 2018 · E-waste mining could be big businessand good for the planet. Professor Veena Sahajwalla's e-waste factory could be profitable within a couple

  • How Refurbished Electronics Work HowStuffWorks

    That depends on whom you ask. The electronics industry as a whole doesn't have an official definition for what it means to be refurbished. To refurbish something means that it's been renewed or updated in some way, and in general, that's true for electronics. Perhaps an item had a bad circuit board, or the glass face on a music player got scratched and it's been replaced, but in some cases, a

  • Battery RecyclingGlobalTech EnvironmentalResponsible

    . Responsible Recycling. At GlobalTech Environmental, we work with businesses from around the world to make battery recycling responsible, safe and simple. We don’t just specialize in Battery Recycling, we are your one-stop solution for electronics recycling as well.

  • 20 Staggering E-Waste Facts in 2021 Earth911

    Mar 26, 2021 · Asia also recycles more of its e-waste, at 11.7% in 2019, than the Americas do at 9.4%. The United States generated 6.92 million tons of e-waste, about 46 pounds per person, in 2019. It recycled only 15% of the material. The value of the raw materials contained in the e-waste produced in the U.S. during 2019 was $7.49 billion.

  • Best Baltimore Scrap Recycling Company Owl Metals Inc

    Contact Us. Owl Metals Inc. invites you to call during business hours at . Monday-Friday 8 00 AM to 4 30 PM. Saturday 8 00 AM to 12 00 noon. ALL CUSTOMERS MUST BE IN LINE BY 4 15 PM MON-FRI. AND BY 11 30 AM ON SAT. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • 16 Best Letter of Support Samples (How to Word Your Letter)

    Start your letter by writing the heading on the top-left side of the letter. In the header, you need to include the writer’s name, institution and the fate of writing. This should be followed by the recipient’s name and address. Secondly, you need to write a normal salutation or opening line.

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