• Copper Granulator and Wire Stripper’s Different

    Nov 16, 2017 · 1) The requirements of raw materials Many kinds of cables can be processed by copper cable granulator such as electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, and computer wires etc, but the diameter of wires should be below 20 mm. Contrary to the requirements of copper cable granulator, the wires which can be processed by wire stripping machine have

  • CopperMine Copper Wire Granulator Industrial Compact Machine

    Copper granulator designed to process low-grade copper and wires up to 9/16". High purity rate of 99.99% for recycling both copper and plastic. The Most compact copper wire granulator on the market! Processes wires from 12AWG to 40AWG 150lbs per hour.

  • Copper Wire Recycling Machine Granulator, Crusher, Stripper

    Whitlston copper wire granulator realizes your wish. Mechanical Blade, the Soul of Wire Stripping Machine. copper wire COPWH571. A wire stripping machine with good blade can be called good wire stripping machine. Our wire stripper machine are all equipped with quality blade.

  • Better Understanding of Copper Cable Granulator

    Nov 16, 2017 · Copper cable granulator, also named scrap wire recycling equipment , is a machine used for crushing copper scrap and later separating copper from the plastic. It belongs to environmental protection equipment. Nowadays, the copper cable granulator is mainly divided into three kinds, that is, dry-type , wet- type and static-type.

  • GranulatorsBluedog Wire Stripper

    BDG-8L. Price. $0.00. Call Us for Quote. Rated 5.00 on the scale 0.15 based on 5. Mark from Provident Electric Very happy with our purchase We run the granulator every day and it is performing flawlessly. We are averaging about 50,000 lbs/month. I adjusted the stationary knives up when we started having some purity issues.

  • super silent copper wire wow from plastic copper granulator

    Copper Wire Granulator Price Cable Granulator Bronneberg. Wire Granulators Strippers from Bronneberg. Bronneberg offers innovative solutions for the efficient granulation of cables both for small car recycling businesses and for multifunctional scrap yards.With a copper wire granulator from Bronneberg you will achieve the highest copper .

  • Compact Cable Recycling Copper Wire Granulator Machine for

    With a Compact Cable Recycling Copper Wire Granulator Machine, you can process the waste copper wire and cables to tiny clean copper and plastic granules. It is the hottest model with medium production capacity (kg/hour generally). If you have below waste wires, please contact us for

  • How to Maintain Your Copper Wire Granulator

    Aug 29, 2017 · The copper wire granulator of Amisy has good separation effect without pollution. Besides, it can realize automatic production, which can reduce the cost of investment and save labor. More importantly, it has high recycling rate of 99% and is able to separate the copper from the plastic completely, bringing you better economic benefits.

  • Affordable Customized Scrap Copper Cable Granulator

    With KLG Compact Scrap Copper Cable Granulator, you can process the waste copper wire and cables to tiny copper and plastic granules which can be sold at much better price. It is the hottest and customized model with small production capacity (kg/hour). Good performance but

  • Copper wire stripper for scrapping Home made and free!!

    Copper wire stripper for scrapping Home made and free!! This is a brief video of the wire stripper I made using simple materials that anyone could have laying

  • Cable Wire Granulator, Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine

    Cable granulator copper wire recycling machine ( also named Cable Wire Granulator ) is a kind of machinery used for recycling waste & scrap copper wire and cables to get copper particles and plastic particles, Cable granulator copper wire recycling machine is featured with novel design, compact structure, low power consumption and stable performance.

  • How to make a copper wire granulator machine?_Auxiliary

    Doing copper wire granulator machine are mainly used to recycle all kinds of waste cable wires, the raw materials will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC, the applicable range of the wires diameter from 0.3 mm to 20 mm, such as automobile electrical route, car bottom lines, motorcycle electric line, computer case line and communication cable, etc.

  • Three Wrong Regions of Using Copper Wire Granulator

    Nov 16, 2017 · A superior performance needs an excellent machine. An excellent machine needs good care. Therefore, if you want to make your copper wire granulator always have high efficiency, you must have a deep understanding of your equipment in three aspects, that is, purchase, usage and guarantee.. It is really difficult for us to choose an ideal copper wire granulator for there are so many models and

  • How To Build A Copper Wire Granulator- EXODUS Mining

    The machine adopts air and vibration instead of water to separate copper granules and plastic pieces having high recycling rate the plastic pieces can also be recycled features of 400 scrap copper granulator 1 novel design compact structure saving space m,How To Build A Copper Wire Granulator.

  • High Purity Compact Copper Scrap Wire Granulator Machine

    With KLG-600S High Purity Compact Copper Scrap Wire Granulator Machine, you can recycle the waste copper wire and cables to tiny copper and plastic granules. It is the hottest model with medium production capacity. We have ready machines in stock, can make delivery within 10 days.

  • Scrap Copper Wire Granulator & Shredder Machines for Sale

    Copper Wire Shredder Machines for Sale. Our scrap copper wire granulator machines allow you to make the most of your materials and maximize your profit. With an output range of around 250 to 2600 lbs. per hour, these products can easily add value to your scrap material. Our equipment is modular in nature therefore parts and pieces can be added

  • Copper wire granulatorScrap Copper Recycling Guide With

    Copper wire granulator-400 is delicately designed for recycling pure copper granule with environmental protection process. Get More Detail Now. Choose the Right Marine Wire. Harsh marine environment requires the boat use properly sized multi-stranded tinned copper wire with Visit Now >

  • BDG-4Copper Chopper GranulatorBluedog Wire Stripper

    Randy Highly Recommend the BWS-50 multi feed I Bought the BWS-50-MF wire stripping machine. I needed a wire stripper to move from site to site. Paid for the copper wire stripping machine in the first-weekend! Later had some trouble with motor and Bluedog automatic wire

  • Copper Wire Stripper Machine and Cable Granulator Manufacturer

    Copper wire granulator is designed with novel structure,low energy consumption and reliable operation.Start your business with our 400 copper wire granulator! Copper Cable Granulator AMS-800 Copper cable granulator is an environmentally friendly machine in recycling waste cables,If you have large quantities of waste copper wires to process,800

  • How to judge the quality of the waste copper wire granulator?

    Mar 16, 2020 · The workmanship of the waste copper wire granulator. The main aspects of workmanship of the waste copper wire granulator are design and appearance of it. For example, checking whether the welding of steel plates is smooth, clean, and free of pores, the waste copper wire granulators with pores are prone to quality breakdown, because the waste

  • Copper Wire Separation (Do It Yourself) Granulator in

    Mar 18, 2019 · After many comments and questions about my Granulator I decided to make a video showing it in more detail.

  • Easy Operation Waste Copper Wire Granulator Machine from

    Application KLG-600S Easy operation copper wire granulator machine is professional line for scrap wire yard or recycling plant. It can recycycle the waste wires with dry type separating device, especially for those wire which not suitable for stripping (generally copper core within 20mm),such as automobile wires, car bottom wires, motorcycle wires, computer wires and communication cable, etc.

  • Copper Chopper BDG-8LGranulate your scrap copper wire

    Dec 05, 2018 · Watch the BDG -8L Copper Recycling Machine in action. Capable of processing wiring harnesses, coax cable, communication cable, computer cable, clumps of wir

  • How to Improve the Purity of Copper Granules for High Quality

    Copper wire granulators can process various auto electric wire, communication cable, and other wire with copper core, separating the insulation cover from copper core by mechanical power, and get the pure copper granules. The quality of copper is improved with high recycling rate, whereas the plastic granules can also be reused.

  • How does a copper wire granulator work? copper wire

    The copper wire granulator with dry physical crushing method generates no pollution to environment through the whole process. In copper wire granulator working process, firstly, the scrap copper wire is crushed by the first crusher into about 10mm, then the mixture will be delivered to the second crusher to be recrushed into 3-5 mm.

  • Wire stripping machine the easiest way to strip scrap wire

    Oct 22, 2019 · Technology Level Industrial High tech Scrapper Likely Results Pure Copper and you can process wire which won’t fit into a mechanical stripping machine Scrap copper value #1 Copper Chop Scrap copper quantity HighSuper Jackpot. A granulator will allow entrepreneurial scrapers to process, communication cable, car wiring harnesses, telephone cable, Ethernet cable, electrical house wire

  • Copper wire separation (Do It Yourself) Vibrating Screen

    Mar 04, 2019 · Its been five years since I uploaded my Videos. So I think its time to show a few updates.If anyone has a question you are more than welcome to ask in the co

  • Copper Wire Granulators for Sale New & Used Wire

    Copper Wire Granulators. New & Used Copper Wire Granulators for Sale! If you thinking about purchasing a new copper wire granulator, you know that copper wire recycling can be a profitable endeavor. Recovering the scrap copper and wire from waste materials is an efficient way to make money while recycling and recovering a very valuable resource!

  • BDG-8LThe best industrial copper chopper granulator

    BDG-8L Full Production Granulating System designed for recycling large quantities of scrap cables with purity levels of 99.9%. Computer cable, wiring harnesses, etherenet cable, massive clumps of wire, any type of wire which does not lend itself well to a traditional wire stripper.

  • How to make a copper wire granulator machine?__Auxiliary

    Doing copper wire granulator machine are mainly used to recycle all kinds of waste cable wires, the raw materials will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC, the applicable range of the wires diameter from 0.3 mm to 20 mm, such as automobile

  • New Industrial Copper Wire Granulator Copper Recovery

    Brand CopperMine. Price $15,999.00. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. MOST VERSITILE copper wire granulator on the market. High purity rate 99.99% for recycling both copper and plastic/rubber. Can process both Copper and Aluminum wires. Good for solid wires from 40 AWG to 14 AWG, or cables up to 9/16”.

  • Latest Model Mini Copper Wire Granulator

    Aug 29, 2017 · Copper wire recycling plays an important role in making up for the shortage of refined copper. How to make full use of copper wire scrap depends on the quality of itself. For those high grade copper scraps, people often reuse them directly while for those low quality copper scrap, practitioners in copper recycling mainly adopts pyrometallurgy to get refined copper.

  • Manufacturing & Supplier of copper wire recycling machine

    Manufacturer of scrap copper wire, printed circuit board, medical blister, radiator separator specialized in recycling waste cable wire, PCB, copper aluminum radiator to copper and plastics, metals and resin power or copper and aluminum.

  • The Present Development of Copper Wire Granulator at Home

    Aug 29, 2017 · The main standards of measuring copper wire granulator are the purity of copper granule, the residual amount of copper in plastic, energy consumption, environmental protection and cost of production. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of copper wire granulator in our country but the quality of these copper wire granulators are of huge

  • Copper Wire Granulating machine walk throughYouTube

    May 01, 2012 · Copper wire Granulating machine, walk through by County Line Metals, Tacoma, WA

  • How do you separate copper from plastic? copper cable

    Copper cable wire granulator machine can separate copper from plastic through crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. CrushingMaterials are crushed in the crusher, used cable was cut into granules first, during this process, copper and plastic are separated but mixed together, Air separationThe copper and plastic mixture

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